What if I’m injured in an Uber?

Uber states that while the vehicle is on a trip (starting when the driver accepts a trip), Uber provides $1-million in coverage for liability to its riders, and $1-million of uninsured motorists coverage if another motorist causes the accident but doesn’t have adequate insurance. For passengers, this level of financial responsibility compares favorably with the […]

Our Latest: Getting her the surgery she needed

Our latest: Getting her the surgery she needed      Our mission is to help injury victims and their families recover fair compensation from others who were at fault in causing the injuries.  We do this through investigation, counseling and advocacy.  Sometimes, counseling can be the most important part.      Such was the case for my client […]

Casey Anthony: Did the system work too well?

Casey Anthony: Did the system work too well?       The mother of a slain  toddler who never reports the child missing, and then lies to police during investigation surely looks guilty.       But in a murder trial, the jury is sworn to follow the law, and return a not guilty verdict if there is a reasonable doubt.  No proof […]

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