What if I’m injured in an Uber?

     Uber states that while the vehicle is on a trip (starting when the driver accepts a trip), Uber provides $1-million in coverage for liability to its riders, and $1-million of uninsured motorists coverage if another motorist causes the accident but doesn’t have adequate insurance.

     For passengers, this level of financial responsibility compares favorably with the $100.000.00 of liability insurance that Florida statutes require taxi cabs to maintain.

     The level of insurance which Uber provides is different when the vehicle is not on a trip, but just on the Uber platform. In that instance, Uber states it provides liability of coverage of $50,000.00 per person and $100,000.00 per occurrence.

    If the vehicle is neither on a trip nor on the Uber platform, the individual owner/operator’s insurance is the coverage that applies.

     Like Uber, the “cab company”–such as “Yellow Cab”–does not own or operate the taxis. It is well established that the “cab company” acts only a dispatcher of independent owner/operators. As such, the “cab company” is rarely if ever liable for the carelessness of the owner/driver of the taxi.

     Unfortunately, some taxi cabs in Miami-Dade are controlled by owners who pass the vehicles around to unqualified drivers, effectively evading financial responsibility. In one scenario, the cab is owned by a shell corporation, and insured as required by state statute. But if the vehicle is being operated by a driver who is not named on the policy, coverage will be denied. And the shell corporation that owns the taxi has no assets. Under these circumstances, chances of finding a financially responsible party capable of paying for the damages caused to an injured passenger can be slim to none.

     As in any other type of case, accidents involving taxi cabs and ride sharing services require careful investigation to identify not only the culpable parties, but also where the money can be found to pay for the injuries and damages.

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