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  • Tuesday, 20 February 2018
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Medical Malpractice

Unfortunately, medical malpractice continues to be recognized as a major cause of injuries and deaths.

The most common medical errors include:

  • Mis-diagnosis
  • Delayed Diagnosis
  • Surgical Errors
  • Anesthetics Error
  • Birth Injury
  • Wrong Medication
  • Wrong Dosage of Medication
  • Incorrect Procedures
  • Emergency Room Negligence
Our client Arthur was a grade school teacher in Miami’s inner city. One holiday weekend, Arthur was out drinking with friends, and was leaving a bar when he got into an altercation with an assailant who punched Arthur, and caused him to fall, striking his head on the curb.

Out cold, Arthur was taken by ambulance to the emergency room, arriving unconscious with the smell of alcohol on his breath. Arthur was set aside on a stretcher in the hallway for 22 hours when he was finally examined and it was discovered that his pupils were unequal and dilated–a sure sign of brain injury.

Unfortunately, a CT-scan taken almost immediately afterwards showed a large subdural hematoma–a bleed in the brain that had been going on for hours. With this kind of injury, time is critical to success in treatment. The longer the wait, the greater the damage.

Arthur did not die, but sustained extremely serious brain damage resulting from the delay in discovering the bleed inside his brain. Working with a team of colleagues, a confidential settlement was reached with the hospital, after we helped demonstrate that the hospital had mistaken a patient with a serious brain injury as just being drunk.

Our client’s wife was admitted to hospital as a suicide risk. Unfortunately, her psychiatrist and the hospital failed to implement and follow appropriate suicide precautions, and while under their care, she took her own life. Through experts in psychiatry and nursing, we helped prove that if appropriate suicide precautions had been in place and followed, this tragic loss would not have occurred. A confidential and substantial settlement was reached shortly afterwards.

If you believe that a medical error has resulted in injury or loss to you or a loved one, please call us for a free consultation so that we may consult with you in detail about the occurrence and possible steps that may be taken to redress the resulting injuries.

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